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I always had a great interest in the science and study of time since my early years in school. It started first as a hobby, then I pursued it further by studying horology in Slough England where I gained a first class pass in horology. After obtaining certification through the British Horological Institute and getting involved with local businesses for clock restoration and repair, the experience encouraged me to open my own business. After 27 years of clock repair in Denver and seeing many clocks ruined because of poor workmanship or neglect, it is challenging sometimes to impart to others the importance of having their clocks repaired or restored by a certified clock repairer.

To most people, clocks are very personal item. It could be handed down as a family heirloom or a functional item in the home. Always, I impart to my customers the history and value of their clocks and especially of getting antique clock repairs. This comes hand in hand with my skills and knowledge if the dial, case, or mechanism is original to the clock. This skill is of extreme importance for customers seeking advice. In addition, I continue to remind customers to never disregard the value of the clocks and timepieces they own as they may have something worth keeping.

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Meet the Master Clocksmith
British trained Horotoligist, Graham Daykin, has over 27 years of experience repairing, restoring and overhauling antique and modern clocks. 
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